How to influence people buy your product?

When you sell a product, you must not think what you are selling but you must know in what different ways your product can be pitched to sell. What are the different ways your product can be perceived by a customer as a solution that gives value, satisfaction and comfort?

Let’s have a look at the decision-making process behind a purchase.

1. Sell their expectations.

Expectations, benefits, look and feel of what the product will bring to their life is what needs to be sold. You won’t find a single customer in the market who would say that “Hey, I have enough money in my kitty. Give me the product right away”. Instead, the onus will be on what change the product will bring to my life or Does it match my expectation even when I have not yet used the product. Think about this, I can use the product only after purchase and even before purchase I have an image in my mind which when expressed in a beautiful word known as expectation, all that needs to be accomplished is to satisfy them in order to achieve a sale. And only then begins the experience as a customer and if that experience is justified with another term which is quality, the seller builds a reputation which is reliable and that converts to long-term following.

Sell what is intangible, what revolves around a tangible product.

2. Strategy to measure their curiosity.

What are your tools to keep your prospects in momentum with your sales interest? Have few ideas in mind and apply each on your prospects. As you gain experience, you will be bang on to apply the right strategy with the right person. Make them ask and you reveal information step by step such that they are convinced that they have reached the right conclusion.

Imagine you have brought a gift for someone. If you reveal what the gift is in the first step, it may not please the person as much as in the event when you pack the gift with utmost care and creativity in to different layers of boxes which increases the curiosity and more the curiosity, more the intensity to identify what the gift is. It is the curiosity that does the sale.

3. Experiment and repeat.

Initially, instead of experiment, I wont mind to use the word gambling. But it ends within the first 10–15 attempts or transactions and then you have an idea or a base to rely on. Then as you move ahead, you have a graph of what worked well and what did not. Then, you have a formula that these are the patterns that gave results and let’s not think about what we lost. Stick to the plan that you should repeat in order to gain maximum sales.

4. The spirit of Solidarity

Your prospect wants your respect and ears. So be serious with your instinct of solidarity. Give him or her all the warmth that he or she expects. Your claim rhetorically could be, “Madam, if you ask me, I would suggest this one as it will be add-on to your charm”. Be eager to impress her with the genuine intention to help because it is understood that end of it all it is sales that matter and if you are good to the person, chances of sale are high. There is no better feeling than to help, so help yourselves by helping others.

5. Charged with tactics.

Sale is the backbone of every company. Pointless if there is no sale happening. So, it’s not just Sales, there are lot of verticals that depend on Sales. And so, it definitely needs a commercial approach backed by tactics. Tactics like offering a lower price for purchase within a certain date or bonus offers too. Or you can even label your product as time oriented and also may be categorize the product into premium quality, available in less numbers. Find those prospects who are in immediate need of a product which when purchased becomes an instant solution according to their scenario.

6. What is the USP?

Explain what strikes best for the prospect. It would absolutely be useless to explain the whole picture. Instead, reach a common conclusion on the solution that the prospect is looking for from the product and serve ample data for the person to reach a quick final decision.

So what exactly is the USP? It is prospect’s benefit from the product.

7. Gone are those days.

Gone are those days when a buyer completely trusts a sales representative. The society is so advanced that the prospect has at least a general idea about the product and chances of questioning the claim of the sales representatives are always high. So let all the degrees of exaggeration be burned and just educate about the product in limited words as if you are in a friendly conversation — genuine and reliable.

8. No harm at all.

If you are transparent about your product and you mention the negative aspects of the product, it is completely fine. This means you gain the confidence of your prospect and then as you proceed, your product gains the confidence of the prospect. However, you must not rule down the opportunity to advice a solution because that elevates the quotient of trust with the prospect.

9. Relevant proofs of today.

These are days when people don’t trust you and because they have numerous platforms to explore, they will ask the same question to another source. No matter what you say, they will research by their own and must have reached a conclusion. Instead of objecting their findings, provide all the links from the internet where there are articles written about your product by others which could drive the prospect to conclude with a decision.

10. Let the decision making be easy

Let it be easy for the prospect to make a decision. Less involvement of time and energy increases the chances of sale. You can give the message that you empathize with their busy schedule and have made things appropriate.

11. The continuous journey

If a customer says No, it doesn’t mean that the door is shut forever. Always be open minded, they might come to you in future for the same or a different product. You can build the relation with social media and also seek their feedback if they fall in that category. If not today, but definitely tomorrow, hence the continuous journey.



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